Late Night Talk Show schedule–August 4 to August 8

Just a schedule of what’s happening on all your favorite late night talk shows! They are categorized by when they air. This schedule will be posted every Sunday.

Monday: The cast of “Orange is the New Black”; Nikki Lake

Tuesday: Ethan Hawke; Mary Lynn Rajskub; Jamie Scott

Wednesday: Lizzy Caplan; Sam Morril

Thursday: Megan Fox; Todd Glass

Monday: Helen Mirren; James Cameron; Spoon

Tuesday: Clive Owen; Nina Dobrev; the Head & the Heart

Wednesday: Megan Fox; Nick Cannon; Wiz Khalifa

Thursday: Will Arnett; T.I


Monday: Kim Kardashian; Damon Wayans Jr.; Jake Johnson; Disclosure

Tuesday: Ted Danson; Eva Green; Jake Owen

Wednesday: Chloe Grace Moretz; the Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Thursday: Mickey Rourke; Jordana Brewster; Banks


Monday: Olivia Wilde; Shep Gordon; Empires (repeat from 6/17/14)

Tuesday: Colin Firth; Tommy Johnagin; St. Vincent (repeat from 7/17/14)

Wednesday: Martha Stewart; Bill Murray; Lady Gaga (repeat from 4/2/14)

Thursday: Jason Segel; Liv Tyler; Trampled by Turtles (repeat from 7/15/14)

Friday: Joan Rivers; Keith Olbermann; Capital Cities (repeat from 7/8/14)

Monday: Joan Rivers; Josh Meyers; Rixton

Tuesday: Daniel Radcliffe; Neal Brennan; Morgan Spurlock

Wednesday: Clive Owen; Sarah Paulson; Chase Rice

Thursday: Michael Fassbender; Allison Tolman; Joshua Ferris

Friday: Chris Pratt; Laverne Cox; Big Data and Joywave (repeat from 7/30/14)

If your favorite Late Night talk show isn’t on this list and you want it there, let me know in the comments down below and I’ll add it to the list!

Thanks for checking out my blog!


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