Bates Motel: After Hours, Broad City, Pilot season, and more!

-A&E beginning March 3rd will host a Bates Motel: After Hours show, following the series premiere of Those Who Kill (and 1 hour after Bates Motel season 2 premiere.) A lot of the main characters will be there for the debut installment. In order to catch up before the season 2 premiere, the first season is on Netflix for all you Hitchcock fans!

-Comedy Central renewed Broad City for a second season. They haven’t announced a premiere date for the second season but the 10 new episodes could debut as early as this fall. The show started last month and airs at 10:30 pm. With Amy Poehler producing, it could be around for awhile.

-Tamron Hall has been named co-host of Today’s Take (the 9 am hour of The Today Show.) She will join current hosts Al Roker, Natalie Morales, and Willie Geist.

Late Night with Seth Meyers opens to the highest monday ‘Late Night’ household rating in 9 years. (**I watched it last night and it was fantastic. You should definitely find it online if you haven’t seen it already!)

-Set your DVRs to record Saturday Night Live on March 8th because Lena Dunham will be hosting! The musical guest will be The National.

The biggest news today is all about who has been cast for what new pilot. Instead of writing out every new pilot for the upcoming season I  found this awesome page to answer all of your questions!  **if you find a show that looks interesting and want me to keep you up to date on it just let me know in the comments!

 Thanks for checking out my blog and check back tomorrow for more  about your favorite shows! 



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